The Ballad of Mr. Tate

Where have you been
All my life
Handsome young man
Tell me

Tell me
What your green eyes
Can teach this land
Eyes that see the good in man

Words that lift the spirit
Of all the people who
Need to hear it
Tell me…

Not broken by divorce
Or by teachers made of shit
You just smile from your heart
Tell me…how you do it?

Dancing free in a crowd
To your favorite song
Your laughter loud
Your patience strong

If I had one wish
I’d have half the swag you do
Tell me Mr. Tate
How could anyone not love you


Visibility cast into
The shadows
Doubtful resistance
Rocking back and forth

Tomato flushed embarrassment
The taste of salt in my name
Anchored by a reply

Replay the failures
And sail on
Sail on violet sky
And let me melt into the unknown

Losing sight of the horizon

Sail on

The Rope Course

T-o fall into the wind of Lynn
H-eld by the hands of Stan
E-nveloped by the face of grace
R-eminded by shoulders to wake
O-riginal twine and divine
P-eering over the hill
E-lated by the tree stumps
C-ourted by the will
O-ver the land of the martyr
U-gly from our deceit
R-elying on more than holy water
S-afe in the stream of
E-veryone’s retreat