Praying for Rain

Walking down Ann Street
All i hear is Reggaeton
Sweat dripping
From my bones

They ask me for money
And they ask for smokes
And all I’m begging for
Is a toke…of escape

I turn the corner
Muscles burning
In my thighs
Apathy bleeding

In my mind

Do you mind if I
Borrow your bicycle
Because I need to
Get there faster

Call me your majesty
Or make me a master

But I’m
A walking disaster
Breezing by the fire station
Waiting for a break

Or a hydrant to explode
On these petty stakes


Happy New Year to my Father

Dear Father,

What a pillar
Of strength
You are

In your eyes
I see myself
And I weep

Life happens
Too quickly

And what we miss
Doesn’t matter

What we regret
Doesn’t matter

Our souls


Keep the faith

No matter what
Just know,
you won

You’re a winner
To me

A prize I feel through
OUR eyes

You’re me

Your daughter of Divinity



Merry Christmas to my Mother

My mother is enkindled
With fire
She’s not ordinary.
When others just coast
She flies higher…

My mother is a
Selfless missionary
Rewarded by no one.

But my mother
Is someone…

She hides behind
An onyx veil
Of loneliness
And elation.

She’s been a mother
To hundreds
From our nation.

My mother is strong
And demands your respect.

But her lack of
Being appreciated…
Makes her wonder,
What’s left?

God is watching you.
Enveloping your hands
With the warmth
Of his angels and doves.

People may mistake
My mother for cement
But I’m her child,
So I know she is love.

My mother is
A revolutionary.
A force in a
Sleepless nation.

She sacrifices.
She’s patient.

And I have nothing
To give her…

But my words of appreciation.


God Bless Your Mama

I am the branch
But in this dream
WE are the tree

I love that you are
just as earthy as me
And you hide it
with a deviant beam

Our friendship has been
growing for awhile
I’m lovable…so just SMILE

This flower in my hair
For your sweat filled palms
Perfect, flawless
This nectar too sugary all along

Stay strong…

I’m going to weaken your heart

Yes my love,
this aroma is how it starts

So touch my high resolution
Tickle my solutions

Your patience ENGULFS me
Do you even see?

Your skin so ivory
Your kindness engraved in me

You already treat me like a queen
Because you never deny me

You listen to every word
Which comes from my heart

And you won’t tell me I’m boring
Or that your eyes are pouring

So I’m going to create a wave
Which you must surf
You say you are Catholic
But you don’t go to church

So…God bless your mama

For making a man like you

You are stronger than
UnMARKed woodgrain
My eyes wider looking
From your window pane

Sweeter than honey mustard
My cheeks coral flustered

Weeping willows
can’t stretch longer
Than all this desire
we are after

I never want to see your mood
Turn cobalt blue

I’d walk miles
With piles and piles
Of uncomfortable
Mulch in my shoes

Just to be with you

Cranberry filled branches
Bleed love into my hands

In depths for this man

Do you want a 3 or 4 car garage?
Shit, I’d buy you an entire ski lodge

I’ll grasp the wind
And tell it to whisper
The words in your ear

Maybe it is fear
Because I say everything
You wanted to hear

Our marigold laughter, constant

No more chained fencing
Enraptured in metal casings

How our days grow
Shadows fade slow
Secrets we disclose
Growing fonder…

Yes, it shows

Our pattern is that of diamonds
And I know that you know

Only time will tell where we go…