Nothing to see here

I said to the girl
In the mirror
You’re still alive

Look at those
slithering vines
Hiding under
milky waters

The wind slaps
The vines
Revealing strawberries
A prick
And I’m dead again

Being a Woman

…Being a woman

…a quintessence…is the world itself

…yearning to be shaded

…Not this disposition to be watched

…So I followed my heart every time

…Not wasting time

…Energies too valuable to dissipate on the few

…Let them go

…Is it someone else’s dilemma?

…thumbs down

…Do your exertion

…Then tread to the fore

…Inundated in pandemonium

…Yet still as a sculpture


Grinded bandana
Chirping Silence

3 circles too small
Flags floating down the hall

Mulchy shadow
Pollution passes

The way of these masses….

3 story yellow
A giver and a taker
Curiosity sought from the true maker

A little
Not a lot
Stepping inside comfort
Warm and cozy

Rattling interruption
Even snakes shed skin
And become renewed
You can change species
Believe me

Stuck her in a glass manhole
Those watching are not watching
Through this division flourished precision
And she cut like a diamond
Through the manhole and they finally watched
Not watching
By profound thought
Though broke
You have just bought
The depth of a sinner
Omnipotent remorse
You are a stranger of your own course
Feeling and smelling deceit
Sweaty and nauseous
Get your fingers off me

Unsteady gait
Walking towards fate
Here he comes
There I run
Ignoring my space
Heat rising steadily on my face
Hot, red, scarlet fever temper
Subsides only by nature
Breeze in thin air
Trumpets aren’t
A part of this dizzy finish
Cathedral window peeper
Put those binoculars away
And come outside
No advances with pride
The advance I mean
Is the composition

P.S. Take your time