Knowing nothing

Orangewoods with heads down

Silent wings creeping

Hunting sheets crinkled and light

Stare at the wall all night

Maybe I will twist into a coil

and stroke frothing

drops of water on your corpse…

then, relax my self-assurance on

your smoldering chest…fire
I know nothing

but that this time
will travel along with me…


Grinded bandana
Chirping Silence

3 circles too small
Flags floating down the hall

Mulchy shadow
Pollution passes

The way of these masses….

3 story yellow
A giver and a taker
Curiosity sought from the true maker

A little
Not a lot
Stepping inside comfort
Warm and cozy

Rattling interruption
Even snakes shed skin
And become renewed
You can change species
Believe me

Stuck her in a glass manhole
Those watching are not watching
Through this division flourished precision
And she cut like a diamond
Through the manhole and they finally watched
Not watching
By profound thought
Though broke
You have just bought
The depth of a sinner
Omnipotent remorse
You are a stranger of your own course
Feeling and smelling deceit
Sweaty and nauseous
Get your fingers off me

Unsteady gait
Walking towards fate
Here he comes
There I run
Ignoring my space
Heat rising steadily on my face
Hot, red, scarlet fever temper
Subsides only by nature
Breeze in thin air
Trumpets aren’t
A part of this dizzy finish
Cathedral window peeper
Put those binoculars away
And come outside
No advances with pride
The advance I mean
Is the composition

P.S. Take your time