A jealous but musical dragon

Music is an intense beauty

Set fire

To overwhelm all drenched

No suppression can be current

Only real expression

He has a persistent grind

Illuminating all discovery

Is it an emotion or a defect that you let go?

Is it the lump in your throat

Which emancipated every word

The tender vulnerabilities

Of all intuitive thought

Produce the union of love

Is it the strings of expectation

Or the noose of despondency

The feelings which are not from the intellect

Are unconfined without question

The genuiness…music is the compassion

How hallowed to meet the worship of music

Sluice all flith from your essence

Letting it go in hope that others could appreciate



Are we all deemed to be lifeless

Each strives to be like the other

And together we grow to be each other

Who dare refute the precision

Is still my query

Suspicion then prevails

The doubt of truth

Suffocated by the fire of the dragon

The terroring slaughter

For jealousy is only hidden

Behind the love

The mysterious pain

If communication is the source

Jealousy will blossom

It will not grow

Only wilt and die slow

It is not a beautiful flower

Or a striking work of art

A sneer on such a pretty face

Realizes the pettiness

That disfigures her majesty

Into selfish disgrace

A black hole that devours

All of her purity

Drowing the soul

With a need for satisfaction

The hunger

Which you cannot feed

Life an addict of all of us

The mortal veil is complete

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