The 444 reasons you are what I stand for (Try to read this slow)

The 444 reasons you are what I stand for (Try to read this slow)

You say yes
You say no
Try to read this slow…
You always glow
Like sunlight
Like moonlight
You’re my light

You keep your word
You write your words
Upon the canvas
Upon the page
Of my soul
You never age
You are eternal

You give direction
like a general
And bow down
Like a colonel

The love I have for you

You’re not for sale
You are humble
Filled with humor
and imagination

You are a revelation
Of the truth

You make icicles
And hotcakes
And aches
and cupcakes
And sweetness

You are a doctor
With no need for a title
Sometimes you’re fast
Sometimes you’re idle

Like a bible
With blank pages
And no need
For a word

Preaching from the heart
Of everything
And inquiries
Of the course

you’re like the one just court
In a law less nation
Completely natural
And intellectual

A little over-serial
And sexual
I don’t mind
Because you only eat

You’re so loveable
And hate-able
And logical

Row faster
Growing in
The shadows
Of Annoyance

You are not intimidated
by the things I never said
Or the things I’ve said out loud
Of course I’m proud

This is long and its loud
But try to read it slow…

You don’t shake hands
With good or evil
You open your arms to all
With a heart that big
It’s impossible to write you small

You are a man
To every nation
And a man with valor
You are amazing and pure

You are an earth angel
And a masterpiece
The painting
And the unfinished

You are the captain
Of my soul
The plank
I’d gladly jump off of…

Like a white dove
With twisted

Mostly ocean
Partly sand
You keep holding my hand
After all this time

You are
Caves of depth

You are obedience
And suffering
And strength
And sweetness

I need this
And I need you

To infect me like jaundice
And then heal me
Like a magical forest
Full of potent medicine

I’m moving out of my
Head again
So try to read this slow…

You are my glorious
My Dna
My Rna
The synthesis of
All that I am

You are a part of
And everyone
The tsunami of a deeper

Level of understanding
From darkness peering
Into the light again
And again

I request no heaven
Or health
I request no assurance
Or wealth

I am far richer in your presence

You are charity
and scattered flowers
Seedling rooted

You are blessings
And beauty
And truth…

You are backwards
And move

You move me
You see?
Why else would i write
444 reasons for thee…

You are filled with love
Glory celestial
The man in
The moon

Oh, how I swoon
To recall
And record
All this admiration for you

You are a lonely spirit
And a holy grail
You even love me
When I fail
And fall
And fuck everything up
A cup
Which overflows my thirst
Like a birth

You are influence
And independence

You are human
Because you step aside
You swallow your pride
And I’m still proud of you

You are vain experience
And knowledge

Out of my head
My heart starts to swell
And pumps this black
Subdivision of ecstasy
Can you tell?

What you are…

You are a beaming
Gold sunrise
And a crimson

A rock with smooth edges
A silent auction and
I’m the highest bidder
I’m now writing quicker

But please remember
To read this slow…

You are poetry
and shield
And armor
And amor

You are every page
In every book
You are descended dust
and brilliance

Illumination pleasing
Loves best habit
Eternity knows

You need not
Hide in a dungeon
Or deny your demons
A real soul can see you

And I see you there
Hidden in the dark
Unsure if you’re
Worthy or not

So I hope you read this
And remember
What you are

You are courage
A heroes cry
A moonlight lullaby

A perfect noble plan
With imperfect hands
Holding us flawlessly

You are a circle
You are earth
I receive you
I would bleed for you

You a pathless woods
And a journey
Well known
The grandest song

I could ever sing

You are a dream
An awakening
And I’m here to give now
I know I’ve been taking

You are joy attending
I praise you
You are the fairest day
And the brightest night

You are polished
and refined
and graceful
And solid

You are full of passion
Unmasked and exposed
No matter how many flowers I get
You’re still the rose

The voice of a glare
From jealous
fearing eyes
It’s not your fault
They don’t know the prize

Is the embrace
Of you

Yes, you

You are mystical
To the core
Ever feel like
You’ve been here before?

You are potent
And elemental
A self-offering

You are the voice
of the birds
And a voice
For the beast

You are me
And I am you

You are
a valiant guardian
Mercy and forgiveness

I became starving
To ensure
I could explain
All this love for you

Sluice all filth
From my essence

I am only a feather
You are the eagle
The father sky
And heaven on earth

You are an honest man
Sublime and immortal
Psst…Im not finished
adoring you

You are
A kingdom and a crown
A full powered rocket
Soaring far from the crowd

You are the sigh
In the music
The research
In facts

I gave you my soul
And I don’t need it back

In my stance
You are the plie
The ease
In the chaîné

The link to all
That’s been missing
Just kiss me

You are the shivering
Running up
And down my spine

Love, you are more
than divine
I don’t even know
what you are

But I’m trying
My hands
are getting tired

But I promised you
This long ago

And I would give away my glow
But you are already the
Beating my enlarged heart

Like the drums
In a parade
Independence Day

You are the calendar
Not annual
The event
Not a day too soon

The one I talk to in the moon

I don’t know where to go
I hope you’re still
Reading this slow

You are the Phantom
Of all we delight
The shadow
To my light

I can still see you in the dark

You are the blooming tree
In every forest
In every country
and I love you

I love you
I love you
I love you

By the power of three
Times three
I gladly inhale
The existence of thee

Come closer

You are the mote
That dims the eyes
Of their faults
And their walls

And I will climb
Higher for you
I will dig deeper
But only, for you

The hues that you
Color unto me
Lavender and green
River and stream

I’m a fiend
I admit it
I’m devoted
to you

You are bloodless
And invincible
You’re almost biblical
And im starting
To feel like a criminal

A crazy obsessed fan
Empty like the ages
As for those sages
They don’t know
what I know

I hope you are still
Reading this slow

You blow
Like wind
And like rain

I wear this stain
And joyfully
And woe shall
not enter our hearts

It’s almost midnight
I can’t wait to say
I told you so. ..

Love, I know

I know who you are
I am not looking

Let us continue
Into your world

Of ecstatic

Simmer down
For what?

You are the passion
Which confused
My stability
and I welcome it

You are the time
And the truth
And I am the heart
That watches and receives

You are a blessing to me

You are yesterday
You are tomorrow
I am currently

Because I’m inside you

Can you feel it yet?

You are my Imroz
My Amrita
My oxygen
And my breathing

You are my unfathomable
Sea of wonder
My tower
And dream

My elbows and knees
My rights and my wrongs
But this,
Well, this was your song

Because you are my rainbow
You are my rain
You are my umbrella
I’m in your veins

I can be like a block
In your arteries
But you treat me like
The best part of you

I used to feel deserving
But I don’t know anymore
No one but you can
Unlock this door

I have to give you more!!!!!

You are the pronunciation
Of goodness
And the grace
To my lewdness

Which runs from
My filthy mouth
I’ve never felt a doubt

About who you are
Why you are
Or how you are

You are
You are
You are


You are a royal mandate
A velvet robe
Egyptian cotton
and you arose

To the highest existence
An enlightened soul

You are a miracle
And marvelous
The vibration
Of all music

My nocturnal ignition
On this puzzling resistant

By now you may think
I’ve forgotten
But I planned this
Just like this

Four lines remain
And I have nowhere to go
I just hope you remembered
To read this slow…