Beyond this World

Beyond this world,

Is the light of God,

This brilliance will not remain a secret,

In earth, or wood, or mountain or human,

The world is never far from Him,

But the darkness is within all of him,

Could it be that the fragrant beauty of every flower,

Every sunrise, every smiling face

Is beyond them

Waiting for the blindness to be removed

The owner of visions

If I exposed any more about these things

The two worlds would evaporate

In the river,

So very conscious

And I would become His adversary

And he would light a fire in my soul,

And they would savor the succulent berries

From the corner store…only


Loose Cannons

Whose blood would I heed to transfuse,

Who but my muse?

I’m idle, as flowers fall,

This quiet day in spring, the hill is empty.

The people are any,

Thing but a moon in a ditch,

That no one sees

Unless they spin spin spin

360 degrees,

Look at you and look at me,

Laughing at the center that

Was staring at their unease


The Coldest Abstract

I’m sorry
You must serve
A life sentence
I truly am…

But you’re
Not my man

And your words
Sting like
A vice
But, that’s your

How could you
Say you miss me
Are you
Fucking kidding?

You said
You are so empty
To think that
You lost me

Boy…You lost me
Long ago

It’s funny
How I put myself
Out there

Bald, Naked, defenseless,
Raw, exposed,
And fucking REAL

No, I don’t care
If you earn
Your appeal
My heart, STEEL

And 5 fingers
Can’t take away
What I have left


Never learned how
One should write
A great poem
I wrote
From my heart

I just started,
And then this

I loved a staircase
Twisted into a bliss

Barefoot running
Broken by
Inner strength

Jump up
To get down
Yea, I get down
Tabbed, tabulated…chosen

Absolutely frozen
In baby emeralds
Beneath skin holes

Feminine Yin
Dark and shadowing
Yang glows inside
Lax wandering

Hired accountant
Would ya…
Tally up this
Lack of

Scrutiny of
Wrinkled reviews
And I owe nothing

I write nothing


Ode to snow

Ode to snow

Air full of glitter
Breath full of wonder

Conversations repeat
about subjects
where they
know everything about nothing
Dead Air

Tires sound
on broken barriers
and obstacles
Icy Orange Icicles
The coolest thinkers

Blocks of frozen marshmallows
Trees that,
provide rest
God bless…

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