No examination

Seeming to hunt for any excuse

But truth…

I’m just too in love with you

Inspection ancient and shadowy tracker


Pirouetting uselessly

Pretending happy



Striking feeling

Temporary sweetheart

Affairs…and agonies apart

Give me a new name

A new spine

A new anything


In your Occupancy…

I am





I still can’t abandon

Your Love love love



Quivering still

Can’t…but I will


I am your eyes

Lacking prophecy


I’m bizarre and starving you

I’m appalled by what I hid from this woman

Egocentric in some spineless exodus


Anything, anything to be with you

oooh this magnitude

Cravings too hidden

Your rims and superiority


Coming for me

Feel so rushed

but free

Effortlessly you still take your time?

Rough and so sinful

Sensationally… divine

You were…and are eternally mine



I’m sorry, while drawing the permanent line…

I really meant it this time




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