Being a Woman

…Being a woman

…a quintessence…is the world itself

…yearning to be shaded

…Not this disposition to be watched

…So I followed my heart every time

…Not wasting time

…Energies too valuable to dissipate on the few

…Let them go

…Is it someone else’s dilemma?

…thumbs down

…Do your exertion

…Then tread to the fore

…Inundated in pandemonium

…Yet still as a sculpture


Through this petite arch in this back

The breath you exhale on my neck


Like a machine gun heart attack

Swallow me alive and spit me out

I’ll never run out

You are the realest

The sweetest

I stay so composed

But within

I need it

I waste away so you supply it

I prolong the need


You ARE the one for me

I’ll take you fat, skinny, crazy

It’s a NEED

I’m emotionally involved and hanging on

Even though I know you just want

To bed me at home


wait till you come into my zone

It simmers for months

But when the temperature hits your face

You’ll see

Fuck what you want

Cause in the end

All you will want

Is me

I am the NEED…

And if you are not satisfied…

Money back guarantee 😉