“And God Created Woman”

I cannot help but experience like mother earth…in all entities. I am a breathing paradoxical thought that just twisted into a camber.

A walking, talking, contradiction.

Possessing an aura of obscurity… “Appearing” as a vacant page in an open reserve…on the other hand, so very complex with at least 6,432 different flavors.

Some of my flavors are…






Competent… compassionate…nurturing,


…and fatefully dissatisfied…although I struggle to conceal that.

I don’t

So fuckin what.

I suffer habitually from emotional and spiritual blocks, and because of this I need to be unaccompanied to “heart” myself. I have no dilemma gawking at a partition for weeks. This has become a dynamic dissatisfaction for me. This is the method I sustain for my element to stay psychologically strong. This is also how I can be so pliable and lovable.


I am overgenerous in service and commitments, I am concerned with…diet, wellbeing, corrective check-ups, ways of life, math and patterns, reliability, philosophies, unconscious mind, substance, employment, dependents, entourages, precision, and my own temperament liberation.

I can harshly relate to Pandora’s Box.


I have a clandestine thirst to be sexy, captivating, ravishing, attractive, and sparkling,

…to create literature and paintings in which I am the initiator of a new era.

I secretly desire to be respectable, in a high position, and to be documented for excellence…

I enclose sexual secrets which extend larger than life. There is a severe ingredient in me which is like a passionate rendezvous in itself…

I have a secret yearning to be 100% emotional yet I feel stoned as an intellectual.

I secretly know that my “ship is coming in” and I am capable of all that is conceivable.


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