You say I’m getting cooler and cooler?
Hold up mama…
Get me a drink from that cooler

…Let me wet my mouth
For what is about to come out 😉

So you got this design
We kinda think alike
I also benefit from your type

The kind who enthuse and shock me
Crazy…You don’t even know me,

But I’m feeling your flow
This you already should know…
What matters is not how onyx dark our night
It all comes back to our Leading illumination of light

It holds our hand when we need a friend,
Lights our journey
It never ever ends
What matters is not how big the trouble,
Nor those obstacles we face,

If this is a happiness test
I can already feel the smile on your face
What matters is the kindness of people like you
So…all I really wanted to say was..thank you


Grace in its most complete perfect power

generous giving of oneself

Eyes, o beloved you are far more precious than I.

Handfuls fall short, prayers do not convey,

there is no use of this body or mind

Spirits interior holy prize…

Sum of…

pardon this grace.

Burnt offering, tolerance, obedience,

kindness, surrender, selfless floods,

take this flesh; take this blood,

intentions just to love,

employ-it, receive-it, per-mit…

Blessing the blaze in your eyes,

kill my fire for you to fly,

this is my love, drowning, unlocked hands,

sensitivity, no amount of exploitation will stop this…

a doormat I have heard as a metaphor…

the ground simply laughs.

Only a true soul knows this reward